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Zoo-phonics Academy Co.,Ltd.

Toritsudai Mansion 2F,
1-32-16, Kakinokizaka,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0022
TEL: 03-5731-7850
FAX: 03-5731-7838

Using the Zoo-phonics' method and our original materials, our programs focus on developing children's English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  All of our children first start practice sounding and body-signaling from "a" to "z" to master phonemic awareness quickly.  The use of body signals connecting to the 26 animals is a kinesthetic method which brings fun and excitement into the classroom together with rapid progress, and motivates children to learn.

Our native English speaking teachers are experienced and capable educators of young children. They have completed the Zoo-phonics'official training course and have been certified by Zoo-phonics, U.S.A.  They support and encourage children to develop academic skills together with self-esteem, creativity, and social skills
Our programs with comprehensive curriculum are customized for:

International Preschool (2-6years old)
Afternoon Kids Club  (3-6years old)
Mom & Baby Class  (1-2years old)
Kindergarten ESL Class  (3-6years old)
Elementary ESL Class  (1st-6th Grade)
Spring & Summer Program  (2-6years old)

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